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ICU Assistant 1.3 is a powerful and versatile database management program for the intensive care unit (ICU). Unlike other similar products on the market costing tens of thousands of dollars, this program is economically priced yet contains features not found in other programs.

ICU Assistant 1.3 is actually a combination of six different modules:

  1. A comprehensive ICU patient database management program.
  2. A full featured report writer consisting of predefined report wizards.
  3. Graphing capability to scan your data using pie, line or bar graphs and the ability to print them out.
  4. A Reference source for calculating drug solutions, concentrations, etc.
  5. A Decision Tree design and implementation module that allows the system administrator to design standard decision trees which the end-user will be able to step through and be guided along the planned course in a systematic and standardized way.
  6. A fully customizable Query Editor which allows the user to query the database for any data he or she wishes using standard SQL commands.

Easy access to your patient information.

ICU Assistant 1.3 is a full-featured relational database program. Maintain patient records for all aspects of a hospital stay including Radiology, Medications, Hemodynamics, Risk Assessment, Microbiology, Procedures, Nutrition, Respiratory, Laboratory, Complications, Consultants and more. If patients undergo multiple admissions, each admission is separately stored but easily accessed via medical record number or name using a powerful search engine. You can even enter and print patient progress notes.

The database is customizable to each hospital, allowing the system administrator to enter his or her own physician names, costs, microbiology sensitivity panels, etc. This information is also updateable as hospital costs and physicians change or come on staff.

Although this program requires the user to manually enter the data, entry is made significantly easier by the use of "Smart" Text BoxesTM and "Smart" Dropdown BoxesTM. A small price to pay for a savings of thousands of dollars over what other companies charge for direct downloading of data but less customizability!

Summarize your ICU data quickly with ease and with flexibility

ICU Assistant 1.3 also easily handles data reporting. Using the Report Wizards feature, you can generate a variety of over 40 standard reports. Some of these reports include Antibiotic Usage, Patient Outcome Analysis, Drug Utilization, Morbidity and Mortality Analysis, Infection Control, and Ventilator Utilization to name a few. You can even create your own reports. Unlike other programs costing three to ten times as much, ICU Assistant 1.3 allows you the opportunity to generate your own queries and reports using the Query Editor and Structured Query Language (SQL). With this feature, your reports can be as complicated as necessary to get the results you need. Even if you don’t know SQL you can still generate simple reports using the Query Wizard feature.

View trends quickly with our graphing feature

Get quick views of ICU utilization, trend analysis, antibiotic usage and more using the graphing features. Here again you can select from a standard set of pre-defined graphs or design your own. Line, bar and pie charts are all supported. You can even customize the title, axis labels and legends and print out the charts.

Get a better handle on your patients and increase your publication output

With these reporting and graphing features you can more quickly review your patients’ hospital course and determine trends that may either change your management or lead you to decide that the information is publishable.

No more hunting for a calculator!

Need to calculate the drip rate for Levophed… No problem for ICU Assistant 1.3. A drug solution calculator is included which makes it easy to determine flow rates for a given concentration and patient weight or necessary concentration for a given flow rate…And the results are displayed per min, per hour or per day!

Standardize protocols in your unit

Included with ICU Assistant 1.3 is a Decision Tree Design and Implementation module. Do you want your ICU staff to follow a certain protocol to determine when to change a central line. You can design a protocol [similar to the one shown below], or use one of the pre-defined protocols, which the staff would step through on the screen. They would see a series of dialog boxes which pose simple YES / NO questions and based on the answers to those questions, the person would be guided down the decision tree you laid out. Designing the protocols is easy using the Decision Tree Designer. As an added feature, you can make the protocol a learning tool for your staff by including references with any of the protocol items. When the user arrives at that branch of the decision tree, he/she will be given an opportunity to view the reason behind performing this step next with an appropriate reference cited.

These are just a few of the features of the ICU Assistant 1.3 program. Other features include:

  • Complete Help system.
  • Full mouse support with toolbars and tooltips explaining the function of the buttons.
  • Smart text boxes. Do you hate capitalizing the first letter of a name or typing parentheses around phone numbers. Smart text boxes allow you to just type and it will modify the text depending on the context.
  • Range checking. If you enter invalid or unusual values, which are outside the normal range, ICU Assistant 1.3 will alert you. You then have the opportunity to correct or accept the value.
  • Save Queries. Did you spend hours creating a query/report but now its time to go home. No problem! ICU Assistant 1.3 allows you to save the query/report to use at a later date.
  • Backup/Compact Data. As with all database programs, if you delete records, they are no longer visible but often still take up space in the database file. ICU Assistant 1.3 allows you to eliminate those records by compacting the database. This can often reduce the size of your database file by 10 - 20%. The program also has a backup feature that allows you save a copy of the data and restore it should an accidental erasure of data or the file becomes corrupted by other means.
  • Data Security. Four levels of security are built into the program allowing for only authorized people to enter/modify data or to print sensitive reports.

 ICU Assistant 1.3 is currently available. If you are interested in this program please fill the information request form and we will send you a brochure and price list or download the trial version from our web site.


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